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Birmingham’s clean air zone comes into effect on June 1st and if your car isn’t compliant you could be facing a fine of £120 a day.

Where is the Birmingham Clean Air Zone?

The Birmingham CAZ is everywhere within the A4540 Middleway ring road – but not the Middleway itself. Every entrance to the zone will be clearly marked so motorists should know that they have entered it. Alternative routes will be open for those who wish to avoid it. Motorists will not receive any alert or message if they enter the zone in a non-compliant vehicle: it is up to car owners to know this. There are over 60 ANPR cameras throughout the Birmingham CAZ which will monitor vehicles for compliance.

Birmingham clean air zone

How much is Birmingham’s Clean Air Zone?

Charges for non-compliant cars and light goods vehicles (small vans) are £8 per day. This charge is in addition to car parking charges, it will start to add up. For non-compliant heavy goods vehicles and coaches, the charge is a staggering £50 per day. The charges are set day by day and NOT a 24 hour period. If you drive in at 11 pm and don’t leave till 1 am you will be charged twice. You can pay the charge here.

Which cars will be charged in the Birmingham Clean Air Zone?

Now, Pre-Euro 4 petrol models and pre-Euro 6 diesels will be charged in the Clean Air Zone as they are not compliant. As a rule of thumb, pre-2006 petrol and pre-September 2015 diesel cars may be charged – but motorists must check their registration online to be sure of their car’s status. You can check whether you need to pay for your car here. If its time for new car contact us today and we can get your new car delivered within 10 days!

How do I pay for Birmingham’s Clean Air Zone?

So, people whose cars are not compliant will pay the Birmingham Clean Air Zone charge online. The system will launch ahead of the zone-going line. Similar to London’s ULEZ charge the Birmingham Clean Air Zone charge can be paid six days prior to a visit, on the day of the visit, or six days afterward.

Motorists who fail to pay the charge within this time will receive a Fixed Penalty Notice.

How much is the fine for not paying the Birmingham Clean Air Zone?

Failure to pay the charge results in a £120 Fixed Penalty Notice. This is reduced to £60 for those who pay it within 14 days of receipt.


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