Top 3 Things You Should Know About Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicle Guide

Electric vehicles are still a relatively new concept to many people. Despite having been on the roads for some time now; some are more obvious than others, like a Tesla. Some you may not have even realised were electric because they are electric versions of popular models we’ve seen or driven on the roads for years, like a Mini or Peugeot; a hatchback or SUV. Either way there are still many questions regarding electric and hybrid cars.

At Car Buying Guru we have put together a guide to help you understand the main 3 things that are puzzling the electric car buying world! The biggest question people have that are looking to transition to electric vehicles is charging! In our guide we breakdown the different types of vehicle charging. Another question people have is battery range and lastly, tax incentives! Download our free guide today to learn more or contact us directly!

Learn everything you need to know about electric vehicles with our guide!

Gavin Cameron