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The majority of you have heard radio advertisements or TV commercials recommending the sale of cars privately to gain greater profits. However, vehicle validation services such as We Buy Any Car are growing popularity. They are considered easy, time-efficient, and an overall pleasant experience for customers. In laymen, the seller exchanges their old car and gains a big pocket of cash. It is done online rather than attending dealerships with massive bargaining power which could affect profit.

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So how true is this sales pitch? Well, it is true that using this service does offer a much more stress-free process when selling a car. Your vehicle can be sold in 24 hours or less. However, similar to the price of a bottle of Ribena in a motorway service station, you pay a premium price for the convenience. So here is a list of things to remember about We Buy Any Car and similar services:

when any automotive company buys a car they aim to sell it at a profit. Thus you will always be receiving less than the market value.

They are businesses looking to make a profit! I have previously mentioned this here, when any automotive company buys a car they aim to sell it at a profit. This leaves you always receiving less than the market value. However, We Buy Any Car does not conceal this ethos. In fact, they have been smart enough to include this into their marketing campaign. So, don’t be surprised if you are offered a significantly lesser value.  All vehicles go to auction and then are sold at a profit to a car dealer.

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The website price is a hook

Often customers seeking a better part-exchange deal from dealerships mention awe-inspiring quotes obtained from We Buy Any Car. However, the majority of these quotes tend to be from the online calculator on their website. This is the maximum price that they value the car. 99 percent of the time this is not the true price your car is valued at a final valuation.

Damage to the car can be costly

The job of the car buyers within their branches is to purchase your car for the lowest price possible. When scrutinizing your car the inspector will be paying great attention to detail in order to justify depreciating the valuation price. If you have scuffed alloys, dents in panels, bald tyres, or chips in your windscreen then this will all play into the hands of the car buyer, but expect to be knocked down on price.

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The admin fee

All cars that are purchased by We Buy Any Car are subject to an admin fee and this figure is taken from the final valuation of your car and is not negotiable.

The service is quick and easy but there are many options out there that offer a similar service. If you can find a dealership that will purchase the car directly from you, you could gain a greater profit, whilst cutting the middleman.

Car Buying Guru partners with a number of dealerships that would be more than happy to purchase your car from you. If you would like some help selling your car, contact us and we will get the process started for you.

Let the Car Buying Guru get you into your new vehicle.

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